Portrait of Elias Kunosson

Scandinavian based photographer Elias Kunosson made an international name for himself in 2013 when claiming a finalist spot in the prestigious Red Bull Illume image quest. His images has since been exhibited around the world along the works of the absolute elite adventure and extreme sports photographers of modern day.

Growing up in the Scandinavian mountains Elias quickly embraced the rugged surroundings and made it his natural playground. Honing his photography and outdoor skills in some of Europe’s last wilderness areas, shaped not only his photographic expression, but deeply rooted his philosophies in the nature around. The natural surroundings plays a vital roll in his works, often showcasing man playfully immersed in nature.

His work has been published and showcased worldwide with a client list including industry leading companies like Red Bull Media House, Hilleberg the Tentmaker, Tentipi, Runner’s World, Trail Run Magazine among others.